I was born and raised in Brandon, MS. I love small towns, country living, and calling Mississippi home. I was raised with the belief that if you work hard and take care of others, then God will bless you with everything you need. My family and I have struggled financially for as long as I can remember. Throughout school, my mother encouraged me to study hard, work harder, and push myself to reach my dreams. She wanted me to have the financial security that she never had. I’ve held onto the work ethic she taught me. I don’t give up on anything.

I didn’t have a college fund, so I worked full time during undergrad to pay for as much as I could along the way. I waited tables to pay the bills. I believe that the restaurant business instilled in me a joy to serve others. Waiting tables taught me how to be humble and the true meaning of customer service.

My family was so proud when I was accepted into pharmacy school. It was the most challenging 4 years of my life, but I learned so much about pharmacy and even more about myself. My mother passed away 2 months before I graduated with my Doctorate of Pharmacy. I know that she molded me into who I am today, and I will forever try to make her proud.

My last year of pharmacy school consisted of clinical rotations, each lasting 5 weeks, at various pharmacy sites. One of my rotations was at Marty’s Pharmacy & Compounding Center. Marty’s introduced me to the practice of compounding. After my first day in the lab, I knew that God had given me a passion for compounding. I was hooked. At the end of my 5 week rotation, the owner, Ronnie Bagwell, offered me a job.

I had worked at Marty’s for a little over 2 years when I was given the opportunity to help open a compounding pharmacy in Ridgeland, called Rx Remedies. Excited to expand my knowledge and experience in compounding, I accepted the position of compounding pharmacist. Less than a year later, my role at Rx Remedies expanded to include Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT). Now, I’ve established a reputation with local physicians for successful HRT and exemplary patient care. I love working with women to make them feel like themselves again. I also began reaching out to husbands of my female patients and took on male hormone consults. Rx Remedies was successful, and business was growing. There was just one problem: I had built my dream for someone else. I had put my heart into a pharmacy that would never be mine.

I had proven to myself that I could open a pharmacy and make it successful. Now, I’d like to prove it to everyone else. It’s time for the next step. It’s time to fulfill my dream of building a compounding pharmacy at home in Brandon, Mississippi. I can’t expect Brandon to grow and flourish if I’m driving to Ridgeland for work instead of taking care of the people in my hometown. Please believe that I will make this happen. I will succeed, and I will not let you down.

Anna Claire Heindl, Pharm. D